Hello World 3

Eh… again, did I mention I’m doing some python stuffs also? It is about PUCK potential, a topic proposed under econophysics (sounds interesting right?). I was thinking that going into econophysics may expose me towards the mechanics of finance world; if I were to say why I picked this project up, it was one of those gloomy times when future job prospect for physics undergrads seems pretty bleak and the path to divert into was seemingly ‘very obvious’. Turns out I was mistaken on more than one counts.

Well… The last semester was crazy hectic, so the progress with this project was quite minimal. In any case, taking a break from the subject content itself, I went to do a GUI so that when I restart researching on curve-fitting of data points generated by a predefined potential -with noise, which messed the heck out of everything- I could at least show Prof CSA my work in a lot more presentable way. So far I had this written out in pycharm – upload the code some time later.

python gui.png



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