Hello World2

Don’t worry about the title of the post, i’m just lazy to think of one for now so let Hello World series be my self introduction series.

Went to MSE (Material Science and Engineering) lab again, checked on my treatment of fabric with 1. a slit and 2. a square hole. I was hoping PDMS will form a film there, but they do not. In fact it was pretty stupid that (of course) PDMS will just solidify on the petri dish in the square hold. For the slit, PDMS just normally wet the area around the slit…

Okok, I have to admit certain level of inanity, but given, at least I’m not desperate enough to, you know, magic out a marvelous record of a erroneous result. The world is horrible. Some moral aspect of it I mean.

Anyhow, I did something else and gonna ask JY about it tomorrow and hopefully put up some photos.


Yes, yes did I say that I’m doing this little theoretical work on quantum dot design based on this paper A decoherence-free subspace for charge: the quadrupole qubit by M Friesen.

Decoherence Free Subspace (DFS) concept is not very hard to understand. In that paper, basically triple quantum dots structure is used in order to minimise the effect of charge noise on decoherence. The Taylor expansion of energy splitting shows that the effect is not completely removed, only that the linear term is removed, leaving smaller, less significant quadratic and even smaller terms.

Getting a little frustrated with the symbolic mess… Gonna redo.Hello world2.jpg